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Solutions that work for your business

In an environment of constant change you may be looking for a streamlined suite of tools to support the implementation of:

* Quality Care and

* Consumer Advisory bodies.

As a Certified Chair for Advisory Bodies, I can work collaboratively with you to navigate through the complexities of your organisation's board and executive team's understanding of governing bodies and the requirements of the advisory bodies.

I have extensive and practical experience in governance, quality systems and compliance for both Home Care and Residential Aged Care.

Together we will follow:

* a best practice journey map

* differentiate and define roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements using a carefully designed and tested matrix

* access templates for advisory Charters, agenda and minutes templates

* optimise resident/consumer outcomes using a report format that will meet the legislated requirements and enable you to add specific objectives to enhance the consumer experience.

I can also guide you through the process for engaging key members to each of the advisory bodies.

As December 2023 approaches, now is the right time to start the planning and implementation process.

Find out more by contacting me at:

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