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"Intentionally creating circles of friendship by defining meaningful relationships and choosing the people who influence us."

Friendship Connections is about relationship building, connection and community. Our aim is to have meaningful, face to face conversations.

You can read about our catch-ups in more detail in the blog: click here 

By coming together in person we aim to:

  • reduce social isolation

  • have fun with lively conversations

  • provide a safe place for people to share their story

  • when the need arises be available if someone asks for help

  • promote self-care, build resilience and encourage personal development, and 

  • be role models for our community

Social media can make other people's lives ‘look’ glamorous.  The reality is there are challenges – ups, downs & in-between.  Experience the joy of meaningful relationships at a #FriendshipConnections gathering. We meet a minimum of monthly and at other times for special events.

To find out more please contact me at

Important: this is not a business networking group.

Friendship Connections

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