Welcome to The Aroma Coterie

Begin your healing journey and indulge yourself in a total 

mind, body and soul experience.

The Aroma Coterie invites you to a private spa like atmosphere,

offering holistic wellbeing services and a unique blend of aromatherapy with  mindful massage.

Achieve deep relaxation and revitalisation through a variety of personalised treatment options provided to you by Certified Aromatherapist, Julie Timmins.

Our aim is to help you connect with your inner self and achieve your optimal health goals.

Discover The Aroma Coterie Difference

At The Aroma Coterie, we understand the pressures of daily demands in both your personal life and work life and the emotional challenges that accompany them.  


Life can get so busy that you forget to relax and take care of yourself. 


That's where we can help.


Our artisan treatments work by delivering a unique blend of aromatherapy and massage, elevating your overall physical wellness and emotional resilience.  

Each session begins with a personalised consultation to understand your stresses, anxieties and health history, to deliver a treatment that is as unique as you are. 

Why The Aroma Coterie? 

If you're interested in managing challenging emotions such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or simply need a space to relax and recharge, The Aroma Coterie is the place you have been searching for.

Your journey to wellness and happiness begins here.

Book an appointment today.

Yours in harmony, Julie


Use your personalised blend of essential oil products to: 

Build your immune defence to alleviate cold & flu symptoms

Provide PMS/menopause support

Relieve muscular aches & pain

Enhance your emotional wellbeing

Achieve optimal health goals

Essential Oils - articles published

in FNQ Connect Magazine:

- Peace & CalmingTM – Dec 2016 
- Geranium – Oct/Nov 2016
- Copaiba – Aug/Sept 2016
- Bergamot – June/July 2016
- Angelica – April/May 2016
- Ylang Ylang – Feb/Mar 2016

Aromatherapy workshops:

-    Brisbane, 9 February 2019 - Colour your world

-    Brisbane, 22 April 2018 - Colour your world

-    Brisbane, 7 Feb 2018 - St Valentine Special Event

-    Brisbane, 9 Sept 2017

-    Innisfail, 6 May 2016

-    Cairns, 31 Jan 2016 

-    Holloways Beach, July 2015 


Brisbane, Queensland 




m: 0419 821 749

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