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Solutions that work for your business

Discover how your business can ensure it is well positioned to remain relevant and sustainable into the future.


Are you looking to:


. grow and expand

. diversify

. considering an acquisition strategy

. are your governance processes aligned for selling or downsizing?


Whatever cycle your business is in, as a Certified Chair I can facilitate an informative and strictly confidential introductory session on:

The Benefits of a Certified Chair and Advisory Board Centre Best Practise Framework for your business.


Maximise your organisation’s future.


Find out how your business can:


. access a suite of well researched and validated evaluation tools through a ‘quick start program’, or


. the 90 day intensive business evaluation that establishes a solid foundation to work effectively with relevant stakeholders.


Either option will be an investment in delivering a solution that is tailored to your needs.


This approach will build a competent, high performing leadership team who are aligned with the right strategy that can take your business to the next level.

When the time is right for your business, I can support you through the process of establishing an Advisory Board which will provide access to a Best Practice Framework and deliver a team of relevant industry experts.


This is an exciting journey!


I would be delighted to join with you to co-create the strategies that drive success, maximise your organisation’s potential and deliver the scale of business you envision for the future.



For Aged Care Providers

The Aged Care and Other Legislation Amendment (Royal Commission Response) Act 2022, requires the establishment of a Quality Care and Consumer Advisory Board.


As a Certified Chair™ for the Aged Care Industry, consider me your first choice for establishing your Adviosry Boards.


You will have access to a Best Practice Framework, relevant industry experts and experienced leadership.

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