Life Coaching Services

Coaching will help you focus on what you want to accomplish.

With the life balance model - The Enhancement Factor(c) you will:

~ gain perspective on how you are travelling along your life journey

~ recognise your 'wealth' instead of focusing on what you lack

~ develop empowering strategies for the key priorities in your life.

Using a combination of goal setting, Time Line Therapy, meditation and 

positive affirmations you can take control of the pathway to success.

Discover your life enhacement factor now !

Life Path Coach in residence
Reef House Spa, Palm Cove
Queensland - April 2015 to Nov 2016
Crystal Ball Bookstore, Cairns
Queensland - April to July 2016

Guest Speaker:

24 May 2016

Radio Cairns FM89.1

Connect in Harmony


. Meditation

. Angelica essential oil


23 Feb 2016

Radio Cairns FM89.1

Connect in Harmony


. Soul mates

. Communication

. Ylang Ylang essential oil.


Radiant Life Festival

Port Douglas

28th May 2015