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Great turn out with 30 people …. we finished the evening with an amazing colourful guided meditation led by Julie Timmins. The energy in the room was fantastic – I was lifted and inspired.” FK 

Julie Timmins – Connect in Harmony radio program guest … “I loved Julie’s presentation last Friday evening – would be great to listen (to this program).” KD

“Having experienced the deep relaxation from Julie’s meditation class I can highly recommend her.  Turning on the TV doesn’t help us unwind … with all the horror on TV it only exacerbates our stress. Julie’s workshops will bring some peace back to your mind and body.  I guarantee it!” RG

Wonderful meditation today. I was soooo relaxed, I felt myself sinking into the floor.  See you next week Julie.” FK


“Thanks for allowing me to participate in the workshop last weekend.  I have taken some points and used them this week – feeling very pleased with myself that it is Thursday evening and I am relaxed.” KM

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