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Walking meditation

The walking meditation brings you closer to a greater understanding and awareness of yourself. Walking is something we do everyday without thinking about it.

Like many mindful practices, a walking meditation draws attention away from the busy chatter in our mind, as it requires a clear distinct focus to carry out the action of walking a new path.

As you walk at a slower more purposeful pace you will develop a heightened awareness of how your body is feeling, functioning and responding to each step. Notice the skeletal structure, muscles and even internal organs - all working in coordination to keep you upright and enable you to take the next step.

Here's a brief process for you to follow ...

~ standing upright, place your palms together at your heart space

~ extend the elbows out, keeping the forearms parallel to the floor

~ cast your eyes down toward your heart, keeping a soft focus

~ connect with a slow deep breathing practice

(breath in for a count of 4, pause, exhale for count of 4, pause and repeat)

~ take a small step forward on the exhalation

~ focus on the complexity of the movement, your heel, then ball of the foot to the ground,

your toes propelling you forward

~ now take the next step in time with your slowed breath

~ as you move forward, notice how the foot lifts, knee bends, leg and hip lifts

~ you shift weight to maintain balance

~ bring your awareness to your core - the centre of your balance

~ maintain an upright posture, shoulders relaxed

Gosh so much is going on with each step! Now without too much thought, continue to experience the breath and slowness of your steps, maintain a calm and relaxed pace.

Realise now, this is your journey through life.

When was the last time you paid so much attention to the path you are stepping.

Breath in silence

Breath in peace

Breath in calm

Breath in compassion

When you are ready, stand still for a few moments and observe how your mind and body feels. Take this renewed awareness and practice this slower pace each day.

"Move with light, life and love, flowing within and around you". With love and harmony, Julie

To learn more about mindful & guided meditation practices including a more detailed labyrinth experience book your personal consultation with me at:

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