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New year - new beginnings...2018

New year - new beginnings!

You made it through Christmas and New Year and now looking for a fresh start to 2018! Each year creates the opportunity to establish or review your pathway to success. Start by being you - be authentic to who you are and to the people around you.

Set aside time each day to be thankful for your health, the home you have, the friends and family around you. Too often we take these things for granted, so I encourage you to take a few moments to express gratitude, perhaps start a ‘gratitude journal’ and record your daily reflections.

As you consider any new initiatives that you would like to pursue, are you following your own passion, or doing things because of someone else’s expectations of who you should be?

What makes you want to get out of bed and be excited about your daily life? Be courageous in your endeavours. Perhaps your goals and aspirations require financial investment. We all want to improve our financial situation. If we are doing things we truly love and have a positive attitude about wealth and abundance we may perceive money in a different way. The positive energy you give out, will flow around and reward you. Remember the saying about ‘karma’, the cycle of cause and effect, what goes round - comes round.

Strive for meaningful relationships - create friendships, nurture, validate and support the people around you. Importantly, have a positive relationship with yourself. Develop a true awareness of who you are, be ‘present’ in each pursuit.

Meditation is a great way of truly connecting to the essence of who you are. It brings your attention to the ‘here and now’. Every moment is an opportunity for inner reflection, self-awareness, and connection to your authentic self.

Recognise and reward yourself for each small (or big) achievement. Be kind to yourself when set-backs occur – these enable time for reflection and renewal. There is no ‘wrong or right’ but many pathways on the journey of discovery.

My commitment to you is to support you to be the best version of yourself. When the time is right, contact me for personal coaching, meditation classes and empowering workshops.

Yours in harmony,


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