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AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor

AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor.

My commitment with this book is to awaken as many people as possible to their connection with themselves. In that connection we can be guided to our true purpose, to be more harmonious and loving and to share this inner knowing, peace and harmony with others.

We each experience different levels of self-belief or lack, on our journey through life – this journey takes many twists and turns and it is easy to get ‘off track’.

There are many excuses for our present situation. For example I hear most often:

I have sooo much to do,

I am too tired.

I am too busy,

I want more balance in my life.

I don’t have time to relax!

Does this sound like you?

When you listen to your internal dialogue and spoken word patterns, start to notice what you are saying. Often there are contradictions, which creates inner tension and this is a pathway to burnout. The subtle build-up of inner conflict leads to dis-connection with yourself, friends, family and work colleagues, which is not sustainable and may pay the ultimate price of ill-health – both physically and mentally.

"AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor" will allow you, to give yourself permission, to become more self-aware – to develop an understanding of the thought patterns and release the words and thoughts that no longer serve you.

You want to create balance in your busy life. This book allows you to learn the tools and techniques to support that decision. For example embrace the principles of meditation, positive affirmations and use essential oils as an ‘anchor’ to nurture and support a journey toward holistic wellbeing.

Once you have this increased self-awareness and knowledge, you realise the changes that can happen as you feel inspired to take action using the power of positive intentions.

Feel empowered to recognise your own internal resources. Using the tools that are available, you will realise your true potential, you can make the changes you are here for and truly desire.

In a world that all too often makes little sense, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted, now is the right time to take back control of your responses to the negative influences around you - work, relationships, social media, constant bombardment of local and world events.

Discover your inner peace and a clear direction for the future, embrace all of your senses to achieve personal empowerment.

Buy the book for you or as a gift for a friend!

It is a “working” book, so email me for the worksheets that accompany it and get ready to AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor!

To purchase your hard copy at only $25.00 plus postage send an email enquiry to: or go to to order your e-copy.

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