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Behind the scenes with Julie Timmins - Little known facts about me #2

Owner of The Aroma Coterie and Author of “AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor

The little black ball gown from my last post, why was I wearing that?

Well, I love to dance. I was part of a group of friends who had the privilege to meet every Sunday with 2 professional ballroom dancers. We had a lot of fun learning the Venetian Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and a bit of rock and roll thrown in. We would occasionally go to Black Tie balls, hence the need for a gown. I refused to wear the same long, satin style that everyone else seemed to be going, hence I made my own gown.

My love of dance also extends to modern jazz ballet – which I seemed to be fairly uncoordinated at the routines. Belly-dance, Ceroc, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and West Coast Swing.

The latin styles, ceroc and swing were the perfect excuse for a holiday of dancing in Europe so in 2012 I did a solo tour to London and France for dance classes and had the most amazing time. When you dance, you are never alone.

There are no language barriers on the dance floor! Interestingly, no photos of me on the dance floor!

Image 1 Here I am with my friend Tina – another holiday trip, this time to Sydney for a long weekend of Salsa & Bachata

Image 2 A group of friends attending a '70 dance party. Soooo much fun had by all!

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