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Creativity in goal setting

“As you move toward a dream,

the dream moves toward you.

(Julia Cameron)

Create you reality

How are you going on your path to enhancing your life? Are your goals – creative, flexible, enjoyable?

Here are some tips to get you going:

Start with ‘the end’ in mind and work back from there. One of the reason we don’t achieve our goals is many of us don’t actually write down what we are striving to achieve. This is an important step, because when you make the time to be specific about what you want, you can then project yourself out to the future to see, hear and feel what it will be like when you ‘make it’.

During this visualisation phase – take time to notice what does your goal actually look like? What is the tangible outcome? Who else will be affected when you achieve your aspiration – you, your family, the environment?

Once you have decided on your outcome – break it down into manageable actions. What do you need to do to achieve your desired outcome?

Avoid being overwhelmed – create a mind map,

a vision board or a spreadsheet – whatever works for you, get the steps out of you head and down on a piece of paper (or into the computer) – so that you can really start to focus on:

  • What resources do you need (skills, knowledge, money, materials)

  • How long will each step/task take as you move forward

  • schedule time into your calendar to work on each action

  • Who can you ask for help; do you need a buddy to help you stay on track – someone you trust to bounce ideas around and also make you ‘accountable’!

  • Set review dates – ensure you are being flexible and adaptable to changes in circumstances. Remember there may be more than one way to achieve an outcome and indeed the outcome may change as part of your journey – the path you take may need to be altered. The review dates will help you decide how far ‘off or on track’ you are.

As you track progress, celebrate significant milestones – you deserve to reward yourself, even in small, simple ways. This will make the journey fun and inspire you to move to the next phase.

  • Avoid procrastination – just do it!

  • Ensure you factor in time for rest and renewal. Meditation, yoga, walk, run whatever it takes, this physical activity is also important for your brain – creativity can come when you least expect it!

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