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Book launch - Brisbane 15 July 2018 and Adelaide 21 July 2018

I am excited about the opportunity to support you with a holistic and heart centred set of tools.

This book is one way I can connect with you and I look forward to the opportunity to meet in person soon.

In this book I share with you some quick, easy to implement techniques that will restore equilibrium and empower you to create the life of your dreams and bring those dreams into reality.

By learning the art of managing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that are restricting your progress,

you can feel alive and refreshed and break free from past habits, to embrace more harmonious connections.

We often look for validation of who we are through feedback from family, friends and colleagues.

However, the only person who really knows you – is YOU.

So … how do you want to define yourself? You can start by understanding the true essence of who you are.

Are you currently feeling physically exhausted or emotionally stressed, sad or anxious? I am noticing people have forgotten the ability to rest and recuperate - it seems we wear busy-ness as a badge or status symbol.

Perhaps you are questioning your relationships – is your past experience repeating itself in the present and causing you to fear the future?

Or you may feel confused and even overwhelmed about your path in life.

To be the best version of yourself, give yourself permission right now:

Join me at the brunch in Brisbane on Sunday 15 July 2018.

You can purchase your copy of the book and be in the lucky seat prize draw.

And, in Adelaide Saturday 21 July 2018

Go to my website to register for the workshop on 9 September 2018 so that you can:

AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor!

Sending you heart-felt warmth and harmony, Julie

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