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Behind the scenes with Julie Timmins - Little known facts about me #3

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Owner of The Aroma Coterie and Author of “AWAKEN to your life enhancement factor

When we were children, Mum and Dad always grew our vegetables, we had fruit trees and Mum just loves flowers and gardening. She would dry the petals of roses, with sprigs of lavender, and other herbs – the old fashion potpourri and I followed suit.

When I built my first home I created the traditional spoke & wheel herb garden, dried all the herbs and flowers in bunches above the window sill, read all about companion gardening (to keep pests at bay) and I also had some beautiful roses: Black Velvet (red rose), Charles de Gaulle (a pretty purple), Chicago Peace, Chameleon Sunset and so many more.

My next house I had lavender bushes, rosemary, a lot English annuals, standard weeping cherry and the David Austin – including a yellow Jayne Austin climber Souvenier de La Mal Maison, Pierre de Ronsard, and others.

At that time I would buy the occasional essential oil to top up the scent of the dried herbs and flower petals, or burn in ceramic rings on light bulbs or in the tea-light burners with water over the top. This is where my love and use of Aromatherapy had it's beginnings.

During the year of 2014 I studied TimeLine Therapy to overcome negative emotions, I coincidentally met a lady at a market stall in Cairns who told me how essential oils had positive effect on our emotions. This got me thinking about combing the therapy treatment for my clients with the benefits of aromatherapy.

From there I learnt more about essential oils and decided to study Aromatherapy. I am Certified to support you with clinical wellbeing consultations and I continue to study the Master Diploma deepening my knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and psychological benefits of essential oils.

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