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Friendship Friday - let's meet in person!

In this on-line world of social media it is easy to remain disconnected from friends and business colleagues in a physical sense. My aim is to get to know more about you through this digital medium and share some insights into my world and life at The Aroma Coterie. I would also like to invite you to join me once a month on Friday morning at 7.30am to 8.30am for coffee/chat/catch-up to round-off our busy week, share some insights/inspiration and get ready for the weekend ahead. Here are some of my musings on 'friends' which were published in the Connect in Harmony FNQ Magazine in 2016 and I believe are still relevant today...

What does 'friendship' mean to you:

F - Freedom to be yourself

R - Respect of each other’s opinions and belief

I - Inspiration to guide and challenge you

E - excitement to share all the joys of a happy life

N - nourish each other with care and compassion

D - development - help keep perspective as you both grow, stumble and reach toward your aspirations

S - support during the difficult and great times; being available to listen and offer encouragement without judgement.

Please share your insights with me at , I would love to read about:

- how you define yourself as a friend?

- what important characteristics do you look for in your friends?

I look forward to connecting with you in person soon 🦋 Reminder:

You are invited to join me for coffee, breakfast and catch-up on Friday 24 July 2020 at 7.30am - let's celebrate your 'wins for the week' and start our weekend off with good company, great food and join in some lively conversation as we overlooking the river at NorthShore Harbour Cafe Hamilton.

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