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Motivation strategies for success - Challenge questions to understand - what's your "Why?"

What motivates you to get out of bed every day?

How do you continue to achieve success?

This was the topic of our latest Friendship Connections breakfast on Friday 23 April 2021. We certainly enjoyed some lively conversations, at the same time getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Understanding what motivates you and using reinforcing strategies will lead to positive life goals and outcomes.

Your 'why' is driven by your behaviours, which may be one or a combination of the following thoughts:

. I want to be rewarded for [insert reward], so I am going to ... [take action toward]

. Fear - I want to avoid [a bad outcome], so I am going to ... [take action]

. I want to achieve [public recognition, an award], so I need to ....

. I want to feel like I am continually improving and progressing through my career (personal growth), so I am going to ...

. I want to feel powerful, influential, so I am going to ...

. I want to create a sense of belong (social connection). To do this I will ...

Many understand Maslow's "Hierachy of needs" - once our basic requirements of food, shelter, warmth are taken care of; we feel safe, supported and loved then we move into the self-actualisation phase - the area of wants and desires. In seek this higher aspiration it is important to consider whether what you 'want' to do is congruent with your motivational behaviours or are are you taking action to align with what you perceive someone else expects of you.

By focussing on your personal identity of 'success' you can put in place reinforcing strategies that align with your desired outcome.

Using the powerful elements of your imagination, association and positive attraction by engaging with all your sense will help create a state of excellence allowing you to more easily achieve your desired success.

We included the use of aromatherapy with our sense of smell to create a powerful anchor together with a visualisation process which can be repeated at will to reinforce the future state. Contact me at The Aroma Coterie, to find out how you too can implement this strategic motivational tool.

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