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Happy new year 2017

Happy new year!

Most of you will be considering whether to establish some new year resolutions or set goals for 2017.

Whilst I am a coach and can spend time with you establishing a path or guide you in the direction to achieve some desired outcome – my strongest recommendation is – ‘be’ yourself.

  • Simply being alive and thankful for your health, the home you have, the friends and family around you – are important and worthy of your gratitude.

Be authentic to who you are. What makes you happy?

  • Learn to know what your passions are – what makes you want to get out of bed and be excited about your daily life?

Setting goals is great, as long as they are realistic, you are setting them for yourself (not someone else’s expectations of who you should be) and they are achievable within the timeline that you set for yourself.

We can expect to strengthen our knowledge, improve our financial situation, have meaningful relationships and set ourselves some challenges to explore and do new things - I encourage you to be courageous in these endeavours. At the same time, have a true awareness of who you are, be ‘present’ in each pursuit and reward yourself for each small (or big) achievement. Be kind to yourself when set-backs occur – these enable us to reflect, reset, and renew the steps forward on the journey of discovery.

Meditation is a great way of truly connecting to the essence of who you are. It brings your attention to the ‘here and now’. Every moment is an opportunity – for inner reflection, self-awareness, and connection to our authentic self. Allow your light to shine from within – your enthusiasm will be infectious and others will embrace the ‘power’ of your positivity.

Contact me for information on meditation classes, workshops and my mobile meditation coaching service. And … of course, I can assist with Time Line Therapy and personal coaching, when the time is right for you.

Yours in harmony,


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