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Friendship Connections 1st Anniversary

Friendship Connections 1st Anniversary 23 July 2021

Wow! It has been an incredible 12 months.

When we were in the midst of the ‘first wave’ of COVID lockdown, I kept in touch with friends by social media and sent out care cards. I also started connecting with people I had not met in person – the human condition is to seek connection.

When we were finally told by the authorities that we could start to meet and mingle ‘in person’ – I thought I would love to meet some of you to talk all things COVID, resilience, mental wellness and so much more.

In a world where we have been surrounded by fear, being forced to isolate away from family here, interstate or overseas, I formed Friendship Connections Group to intentionally create circles of friendship, to share meaningful conversations on different themes, and to mindfully surround ourselves with people who will continue to have a positive influence on us.

So, from a small group of like-minded women who are keen to invest in authentic relationships, we have grown, laughed, hugged, had a few tears and generally nurtured and supported each other through life’s journey.

During the celebrations we discussed symbols of friendship including:

. Yellow roses

. Friendship bracelets

. Lapis crystals and

enjoyed sharing friendship quotes and stories of strong bonds created over the years that are still enjoyed today, despite distance and isolations.

We expressed gratitude for new connections with the following mantra:

I see you, you see me

I hear you, you hear me

I am you, you are me

We share friendship and harmony, we are as one.

We can choose who remains in our life and who influences us. There are many types of friendships - random/fleeting friends who we meet briefly, chat, share stories and then move on. Then there are those you meet who have the same values, interests and are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future. There may be differences, but you respect and nurture each other’s views, hopes and dreams.

I feel incredibly blessed to have met you and now call you ‘friend’.

“People that are meant to be together, always find each other in the end.”

My heart-felt thanks go to all of you for your continued support and friendship.

To join the group click here.

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