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Pre-Christmas Friendship Friday

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Friendship Friday - it's time for you and provide an great opportunity to reconnect in person to creating lasting relationships.

It is easy to get caught up in busy lives with work and families - you do so much for others. This is a time for you !

Our theme for this month was mental wellness. With many challenges faced this year, we spoke about happiness starts with you and shared tips for self-care strategies.

We enjoyed lively conversations and yummy breakfast as we checked in to ensure everyone was feeling supported, safe and well.

I am grateful to be able to hold space where people feel:

~ Listened to

~ Support

~ Nurtured

~ Acknowledged

~ Validated

~ Trusted

and value each other.

You might find some further useful strategies in this article I wrote for World Mental Health Awareness day.

We also enjoyed some pre-holiday season celebrations and look forward to reconnecting in the new year - 2021 is going to be huge!!!


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