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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

WHY, WHAT and How

Let’s start by asking – why did I open this business, why do I want to be self-employed?

  • More freedom

  • Choose the hours to work

  • Spend time on fun stuff – hobbies, sport, gym,

  • Time with the family, kids, friends

  • Develop a niche

Take the time to remember why you started your business – to be your own ‘boss’, for more freedom to act independently, be in control of decision making, control when and how you do things.

Are you truly in control? If not, what to do? What is your next step?

How would your week, month and year look if you were to schedule your calendar with the things you wanted to do when you gave up working for someone else.

Take action - start right now by adding in: time with the family, catch-up with friends, surfing, take the dog for a walk, creating/innovation time. These become the ‘not-negotiable’ parts of your calendar.

Now, you can start scheduling work activities, appointments, emails, social media, produce goods – wrap, pack and send or deliver services.

Include a lunch break and regular time-out during the day. Quietening the mind and mini-breaks give you the freedom to be you, to be creative; innovation comes when you least expect it, so ensure you take that walk around the block, mindfully stop, pause and look around you, smile at a passer-by – your friendly smile will make their day.

Start and end your day with self-care. Use mindful practices such as meditation, yoga, a focused run or cycle. Eat your breakfast mindfully – consider where did this food come from, be grateful for the nourishment you receive. These practices set up your positive mindset for the rest of day.

At the end of the day – write in a gratitude journal. Record 3 things you are grateful for each day. Also, ask how did you serve someone else today, without expecting anything in return?

Give thanks to those who came into your world, family, pets, friends, colleagues, a brief acquaintance.

Be compassionate with yourself – praise and reward small achievements. Appreciate where you have come from and where you are heading on this chosen path. Most importantly appreciate this moment, now.

Creating mindful rituals will help you build resilience, control your responses to negative situations and manage stressful events. Each mindful habit becomes second nature. It helps you to overcome your fears. We unconsciously operate out of fear for many reasons:

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of financial stress

  • Fear of embarrassment

  • Fear of acceptance (I am not good enough, no one will love me!)

  • Fear of rejection (client says no, friends say no, partner says no – plenty of options for rejection here).

Look beyond the negative thoughts and conditioning by re-stating thoughts and feelings of fear into curiosity. Examine the feeling and make the change:

  • Self doubt choose Greatness

  • Fear becomes 'excited anticipation'

  • Insecurity gives you Strength

  • Emotional weakness replace with Passion

  • Move from Chaos and disorder to Focussed intention

  • Dis-ease? No I prefer optimal health

Some positive affirmations to support you:

I am worthy; I am deserving; I deserve to achieve my aspirations

I am good enough; I like myself, just as I am. I am my own best friend.

Who you are and always wanted to be, now is the right time to live your chosen way of life.

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