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HOPE - where there is hope, there is recovery.

Recovery is a process. As each new day begins seek out the opportunities for renewal.

In challenging circumstances - step quietly into your power, release the need to know 'why' things happen as they do, instead recognise what you may learn.

At this point in time - right across Australia people are experiencing distress, overwhelm, disbelief, exhaustion from the destruction of the bushfires. You may be experiencing these feelings right now. You may find it difficult to get up each day to go to work.

Many people have lost homes, or know family and friends in other states who have lost everything. The constant media bombardment and exposure to the daily tragedy has been going on for months and continues.

Symptoms of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, profound grief and helplessness can manifest into anger, frustration, sadness. These feelings can come unexpectedly and maybe not now, but in a few weeks or even months.

This is a message for you or a friend to come to a place of quiet acceptance of what 'is'. Compassion and understanding starts with yourself and can be achieved when you take the first step to reach out.

You may feel the need to help others first, and suppress these difficult emotions. Recognise

that there is support available for you too and take courage from knowing this. Regain a sense of control. Become aware of the resilience that lies within you.

A quiet word, a gentle smile, a hand on your shoulder or someone else's - the healing power of human kindness is available through many simple ways.

For example, speak with your local GP, BeyondBlue, HeadSpace or your workplace Employment Assistance Program.

Support is available to talk through the sadness, anger, frustration or grief.

I am available to offer the support you need through

. the healing power of Time Line Therapy

. 'present moment' meditation or

. emotional clearing & rebalance treatment

These treatments are specifically for helping you manage challenging situations.


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