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Surviving toward Thriving

It was an absolute pleasure to host this morning's #friendshipconnections breakfast discussing the theme of "Surviving toward Thriving".

Whilst we have spent our recent lives with restrictions and lockdown in various forms. There are also self-imposed limitations.

Today we took the opportunity to expand our awareness, step outside our comfort zones, make plans to achieve higher goals and aspirations, and express gratitude for:

. Faith and spirituality

. Family, friends and fur-babies

. What is rewarding - jobs, community work and volunteering

. Nature - walks on the beach, parks, rainforests

. Exercise

. Self-care

. Music and dancing

And soooo much more.

Thankyou all for your inspiring tips and contribution to a meaningful conversation.

To join the group click here.

To purchase your copy of Awaken to Your Life Enhancement Factor click here for the e-version or contact me directly to obtain your personally signed hardcopy.

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