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One easy strategy to overcome mental fatigue

You have made a personal commitment to achieve optimal health and wellness goals. Allow me to ask how would you rate your well-being today? If I were able to show you strategies to support your physical and emotional wellbeing, would that interest you? Then read on!

Do you listen mostly to your internal chatterbox, the one that is constantly worrying and doubting? That relentless chatter causes mental fatigue. No wonder you are feeling tired and exhausted all the time. The ability to stop negative internal dialogue, reframe your thoughts and focus your unconscious mind on your true capabilities, will produce the most powerful results and leaving your feeling more refreshed.

Let me share one easy solution right now. Because, you have already brought those nagging thoughts into your frame of awareness – you are on the path to managing that chatterbox.

Every time you say something negative about yourself or to yourself, or even in your conversation with others, say “STOP”! By calling a halt to the negativity you can now consciously rephrase your thoughts and words to use positive language. Congratulate yourself on this achievement. Instead of berating yourself – be kind and compassionate.

When you say “STOP”, take a moment to acknowledge and reinforce your good qualities – what is one small thing you have achieved this week or past month? Affirm: “I AM WORTHY, I AM GOOD ENOUGH”, celebrate you!

This change in habitually thinking takes time to adjust. Each time you do it you are on the path to a more positive, health and rewarding life – you like yourself more, others will recognise the change in you, people are attracted to positivity. This positivity also resonates within you – leaving you feeling uplifted. The happy endorphins are released and you feel so much better about yourself and others.

One single, simple word “STOP” can be your new mantra – try it out now!

If you can’t say something nice about yourself or someone else, say nothing at all.

Diffuse or gently inhale an uplifting essential oil blend such as:

  • Lemon – assists you to become aware of repetitive patterns of self-limiting beliefs and consciously assert positive affirmations

  • Bergamot – uplifting and promotes well-being

  • Ylang Ylang – reinforces confidence, improves self-esteem

  • Palmarosa - promotes a sense of security.

Check for any contraindications with prescribed medications and medical conditions. Avoid if pregnant. Seek advice from your primary health practitioner.

Contact me for more information or book your wellbeing appointment today at

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